I´m a chilean comic artist and illustrator. I got a degree of illustrator in Professional Institute Arcos at august of 2012. I have basic knowledge of Graphic Design too.

I have skills for Children´s Illustration, I have skills for making a comic entirely by me (script, pencils, inks, color and lettering). I´m better as penciller and inker. Photoshop is the software I best know to use. I can use other softwares as Indesign, Paintool Sai and Illustrator.

I´m creative, hard working, responsible and proactive. I have three styles: an amerimanga style (mixture between manga and american comic) and two variations of cartoonist styles. One similar to Disney style and the other could be more similar to Tintin style.

I´ve made many freelance works. During 2014 I´ve been working on some projects with a canadian client that have a company called Pigeon Patrol Ltd., making covers, comic pages and some illustrations. I have 3 published children`s illustrated books until now.

For seeing the last works you can visit my fanpage: facebook.com/fdiazilustrador

You can contact me at fdiaz.ilustrador@gmail.com

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